A New Name Written Down In Glory – Southern Gospel on Piano

Watch the video above to hear the song played on a Yamaha DGX-640 Digital Grand.  Watch the video at bottom of page to learn how to play.  Also, for the free sheet music and midi files, click the links above.

A New Name In Glory was written by Charles Austin Miles in 1910. Not the first gospel song of his that’s been featured here. Miles may not have been the most prolific song-writer, but a good number of his hymns turned out to be very popular. In particular, ‘In the Garden’ and ‘Dwelling in Beulah Land’ have been in previous posts.
Someone recently mentioned “A New Name In Glory” as a request. When I realized it was another of C. Austin Miles’ hymns, well, it was an obvious choice. Not immediately familiar, it still had the kind of melody I love.
New Name In GloryMiles was originally a pharmacist, but changed careers to write gospel music and edit for Hall-Mack publishers. He made writing and working for Hall-Mack his lifelong calling, expressing his desire to be known as a songwriter, while wishing he could be ‘more efficient’.
I love the gospel music from my childhood. That was the inspiration for ‘Grace Notes’, since my upbringing ensured a good number of southern gospel hymns were in my repertoire. They’re like old friends that are always welcome. Now that I’m beginning to explore new territory, it’s been enjoyable to discover learning new songs can be just as pleasurable. ‘New Name in Glory’ has become one of those new friends. I’ve enjoyed the getting-to-know-you phase, even though New Name was very coy, and it took me way too long to learn the song.  Playing the different parts went okay, but putting it all together was tough.  First, there are a couple of points where it’s easy to backtrack and play the wrong part, or totaly skip.  That happened a LOT.  Second, the song triggers other memories for me, and my hands kept trying to segue into those other songs.

In spite of how long it took to get the hang of, it turned out pretty well.  Nobody was more surprised than me!  Now it’s time to share with everybody else. I hope you like it.

My next project is going the be “Well of Grace”.  It was requested by a new friend here, and I promised to give it a shot.  Hopefully it won’t take as long as New Name in Glory did…

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