Dwelling In Beulah Land – Southern Gospel on Piano

(To learn how to play, watch the video at bottom of page or download the sheet music from the menu page.)
Written by Charles Austin Miles in 1911, Dwelling is Beulah Land is in the public domain. The most recent post before this one was “In The Garden”, which was also written by Charles, so it’s not surprising that Beulah Land suggested itself as the next hymn to learn.
As I mentioned last time, Charles (also known as C. Austin Miles) achieved a lasting fame with In The Garden. He’s been the subject of so many websites repeating the same facts over and over to the point that it’s not fair to re-hash the same facts all over again here. If you want to learn more about Charles, google him. The same goes for Dwelling in Beulah Land. Though I’ll go one better… here’s a page that explores the meaning of Beulah Land. Concise, clear, and detailed, it’s a good read.

Dwelling in Beulah Land Lyrics

Dwelling in Beulah Land Lyrics

We never sang it often when I was little, but enough that I recognized it when it popped up recently. Church can be boring to a young child, and I regret to report, our version was pretty, but slow and uninteresting. So it didn’t hold my attention back then. More recently, I found a 1937 rendition on YouTube by Early Sons of the Pioneers.  Much to my surprise and pleasure, theirs was a peppy, cheerful song. It got stuck in my head right away, and I knew it had to be the next hymn.

Most of my playing is key of C, only begun learning other keys in the last year or so. While researching, I noticed a lot of sites put Dwelling in Beulah Land in the key of A flat. Probably because it’s easier for most voices to reach the notes. If you’re looking at the sheet music to play for singing, try the middle verse, it’s in A flat (just to honor my commitment to learning other keys). If you’d like to learn the easier key, the first and last verses are done in C.

By the way, just click the menu above for the free sheet music page.  You can download Dwelling In Beulah Land, and several other songs, there.)
If you’d like to see the sheet music played, watch the learn-to-play video below.
I’ve really enjoyed working with Beulah Land, and hope you like it!

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