Free Midi Files for Piano – Southern Gospel, Folk Music, Country Style

Most of what I play is southern gospel. I’ve been giving away the free sheet music for some time now, but recently people have started asking for the Midi files. It took a while, because frankly, I’m not fast at anything. Ever.  If you’re not familiar with Midi, it’s a standardized format for music. My Yamaha DGX-640 records songs in this format, and there are lots of computer programs that can play back, or edit, the files. I use Midi Sheet Music because it’s free and grants me full rights to use it in any fashion I see fit. But it’s limited to playback. No editing.

Recently, I found something similar, but designed to help learn a song in any key.  It’s called Song Robot, and it’s a much more sophisticated tool than Midi Sheet Music. It plays midi files, with rewind and fast forward, speed control, and the ability to transpose to any key. Has a detachable virtual keyboard that can be resized at will, and other stuff. This could be a very useful tool in learning how to play a song, especially if you’re not comfortable in multiple keys. (Full disclosure – it looks pretty cool, so I signed up as an affiliate. If you buy it through my link, you’ll be treating me to a cup of coffee. Or an ice cream cone. If three people buy it through my link, y’all will be treating me to an entire banana split. Just so you know.)

Personally, I’d try the free software first.  But if you’re in a mood to try a more targeted teaching tool, or it sounds useful, (or you just want to learn a bit more about what it can do) then click here: SONG ROBOT

For those who know what midi is, and want to mess with it, the download links are below.  And if you enjoy these, and feel like buying me a cup of coffee, the Paypal Donations button below is preset to .75 cents.

2 thoughts on “Free Midi Files for Piano – Southern Gospel, Folk Music, Country Style

  1. Love this site. Thank you for all you’re doing and for your effort to help us learn to play the old hymns – I love it. I like your philosophy. I downloaded the free software called PIANOBOOST and it allows me to load a file from your free midi site and watch the notes go by. But I’m not up to that point yet where you are. I have an older Yamaha keyboard, and bought a USB chord and hooked it to my computer. It lets me play the notes one hand at a time, and I can also slow down the tempo, so its pretty good. But I’m nowhere as far advanced as you are. I can take an old hymnal and, after some effort, play most of the songs. My question is: Are there some easier songs that you used to practice on that enabled you to get to the point you are at now? Could you advise me what to do next, as I would like to progress farther to the point where you are (but probably won’t catch you anytime soon – I’m 75 yr old) In other words, I love to hear you play the songs and I love to see all the notes your are hitting on my computer, but just wishing I could do that probably won’t help me. Any advice would be appreciated. I would be glad to donate to your benevalence if you had a place on your site for those who like to show our appreciation for your work and offer some monetary rewards to your from time to time.
    Again, thanks for your efforts to help and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Joel,
      Thanks so much for the comment- I really enjoyed reading it! Pianoboost sounds like a good learning tool. As far as learning how I play, it’s not as hard as you’d think. If you’ll notice, my left hand tends to just bounce back and forth. It sets a rhythm that works wonderfully with the kind of music I like. (Learned it from my uncle.) The right hand plays melody. All the filler/frills can come later. If you want to learn one trick that makes your music sound fuller, learn how to play a Grace Note (google it, or look on Youtube for examples). Do that, and you’ve pretty much learned my style. :^)
      As far as easier songs, not so much. I learned by listening and watching. When I was a kid, I tried to copy everybody whose playing I admired. Mainly, my uncle Friel, because he was just the best ever. The way to simplify is to just pick out the melody. If you can do that, then do the left hand bounce, you”ve got it.
      Also, thanks for the offer to contribute. I’ve considered it off and on for a while, but could never make my mind up.
      Keep practicing- 75 or not, you can do it. If you ever upload your playing to Youtube, let me know. I’d love to hear you!

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