Power In The Blood Gospel Music on Piano

Here’s another great song I grew up hearing.  “Power In The Blood” is one of my special favorites.  I know, I play it too fast.  Can’t help myself.  I love music that makes your foot tap.  This song just feels strong, and powerful to me.  Don’t mean any disrespect to those who are used to hearing it played slow and worshipful, but this is how I hear it in my heart, and my fingers just can’t hold back.

There Is Power In The Blood Lyrics

There Is Power In The Blood Lyrics

Power In The Blood has been around a long time.  It was written in 1899 by Lewis E. Jones.  He wrote at least two other gospel songs (I’ve Anchored on Jesus, and Leaning On His Arms), though I’m not as familiar with them.  This one was a mainstay of my childhood.  It always felt great when the song leader called out the page number for it.

Of course, the styling here is heavily influenced by my Uncle’s piano playing.  Got to get that southern gospel feel to it.  Freil is where I learned to put feeling into my music.  Of course, he could do it better, and he didn’t get so carried away with playing ‘fast’ as I do.  But it wouldn’t be right not to give credit to his example.  You can hear his influence in everything I play, but this one more so than most.

The lyrics themselves were inspired by a verse from Revelation referencing those who “have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the lamb.”  As a kid, I didn’t always get all the symbolism behind the words.  But it didn’t stop me from belting them out with great gusto as the congregation sang along.

Maybe it’s my affinity for music, but the song and praise part of the service was always my favorite part.  Didn’t always sit still through the preaching (that had to have embarrassed Mom at times) but the music kept me happy.  To this day, that music is a permanent part of me.  Never got into modern music a lot, but gospel music has a way of staying in my heart.  My taste in music has expanded a lot since childhood, but those old hymns still seem to be at the root of my repertoire.  Now that I’ve got a dgx-640, you can expect more hymns from me as time goes by.  :^)

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