Not that I’ve been inundated with requests…  but there have been some.  This page is also where I keep my own wish list of songs to learn.  Making no promises, but I’ll certainly consider suggestions.  A good rule of thumb:  if I can whistle it, and it makes me happy, it will probably make the list!  (Oh, and by preference, I usually only do songs that are in the public domain.)

  • Amazing Grace – Done
  • Do You Know (You Are My Sunshine) – Done
  • Down To The River to Pray – done
  • Fun: Some Nights
  • Fun: Carry On
  • Greatest American Hero – done
  • Go Tell It On The Mountain – done
  • Hallelujah – done
  • Hedwig’s Theme (Harry Potter)
  • In The Sweet By and By – Done
  • Just As I Am – Done
  • Linus and Lucy – done (sort of)
  • Piano Man
  • Pound Puppies – done
  • Safe and Sound (Taylor Swift- Hunger Games) – done
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • U Smile (Justin Beiber) – done
  • Wildwood Flower – done
  • Whoa Mule – done

5 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Hello,
    First off, I want to say you have a very nice website!
    I just bought a 640 yesterday and have been playing with it. I recorded a song that I played, and transferred it to a USB thumb drive. However, when I plugged it into the computer, it said window media player/real player both cannot read/play this file. Have you experienced that? Wonder what kind of thing I need to download in order to make that play in the computer.

    • Hi Vanessa, Thanks, that means a lot to me! I’m glad you got your dgx-640, and hope you enjoy it. I went about moving my songs to the computer in a different way, so never used the thumb drive option. But I suspect I might know what the problem is. If you’re recording the song internally on the 640, then I think it’s recording it in a midi format. Try playing the same file with MidiSheetMusic 2.4, it’s a free midi player that I really like. It won’t sound as good as your 640, but it’ll give you a sheet music option, which is very cool.

      If you want to record and play your song as an audio file (like mp3 or Wave), you’ll have to record the actual “sound” to your computer. I know there are simpler options built into Windows OS, but I haven’t used them in a long time. I use Audacity for the recording software. It looks intimidating, but with a little Google searching, it’s pretty easy to use for recording audio. And it’s free. (I got mine from C-Net.)
      To connect your digital piano to the computer, you can read my own post here:
      Or just Google it. I’m a beginner that’s learned as I’ve gone, so my explanations might not be very clear. Mainly, you connect your 640’s “headphone out” jack to your computer’s line input. Be sure to read up on the right way to do it, I’ve been told connecting to the wrong input can blow out the computer’s sound card.

      That’s the basics. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Hi
    I have always enjoyed country music especially Southern Gospels. I am a Chinese Singaporean. I wonder if you could play with your keyboard facing us. I really really hope to pick up on how to play some of these strides I see. Am a grandma and love to learn new things. I did watch on youtube some of the strides but does not know how to add some ‘flowers’ to the boring straight from the sheet songs that I play. I watched a few times your ‘This world is not my home and now the ‘Amazing Grace’ I saw some country slides but want to pick up more. There is a man I wrote to years ago and he has helped me with some. He is on youtube under ‘sdmemorylane’ Thanks for sharing!!! I bookmarked the page so i can get to it when I want. Please do continue. Bless U, Yen

  3. Am I glad I found this site, some months ago. Forgotten about it and now found it from my bookmarked page. Hmm it is 5 am here. Enjoying the songs, love that Southern country sounds

    • Hi Yen, Thank you so much for the comments. It’s always encouraging to hear someone likes what I’m doing. As far as the camera angle, my room is pretty cramped (There are two computer desks, a bed, and a number of bookshelves). That just happened to be the only decent place to put the camera. I have a ‘how-to’ series though, that might help. I don’t read sheet music, but found a nice midi-to-sheet music converter. Without writing a whole page here, I’ll just give a link.

      Since finding it, I’ve made how-to videos along the way. These are the songs I’ve done using it, and might help you see in better detail. I hope that helps!
      (And thanks again for the comments!!)

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