Will Your Anchor Hold – Southern Gospel on Piano

(To learn how to play, watch the video at bottom of post)
Will Your Anchor Hold was written in 1882 by Priscilla Jane Owens.  Also called “We Have An Anchor”.  Priscilla was a teacher in Baltimore, Maryland.  A prolific writer, her poetry has been published in the Methodist Protestant and the Christian Standard.  Her hymns were written mainly in honor of her Sunday School  children.

‘Anchor’ is considered to be her best-known song, but my personal favorite is Jesus Saves.  That one ranks very high on my favorite gospel music.  As with Jesus Saves, the music for ‘Anchor’  was written by William Kirkpatrick.  They made a good musical team.

Will Your Anchor Hold Lyrics

Will Your Anchor Hold Lyrics

Priscilla Owens was born in 1829.  I’m not sure what experiences she had in life, but it’s apparent she traveled by ocean at some point.  An anchor holding in the storms of life, clouds, tides, she really makes you see an old wooden sailing ship struggling through rough seas.  And how much we all need an anchor in life.

Will Your Anchor Hold marks a special event for me; a very cool Youtuber requested I play this one.  It wasn’t in my repertoire, totally brand new to me.  But I fell in love with the lovely melody, and it added appeal to discover the author wrote other songs I enjoy.  My original intent was to learn the song, get comfortable playing it, and post it about a week ago.  Instead, someone at work shared a flu bug with me, and now it’s been two weeks instead of the one.  The good news is… it wasn’t strep.  :^)

Anyway, it took a lot longer than planned to post the hymn.  As usual, the sheet music is free HERE, and the video below shows a how-to-play run-through of ‘Anchor’.  The style might be a little boisterous, but it’s got that southern gospel feel.  Thanks to “TheCeeks” for bringing such a beautiful song to my attention!

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